LEGO Vice President Talks with Local Technology Students

Jamestown Community College recently gave local students a unique opportunity to hear from Eric Wolfe, Vice President of the Americas Direct-to-Consumer team for The LEGO Group. JCC asked Mr. Wolfe to speak to local students from many school districts, including 20 from JHS’ Robotics and Engineering classes.

Mr. Wolfe, who is originally from Lakewood, is primarily responsible for the operations, merchandising and marketing functions associated with 85 North American LEGO Brand Retail stores and the North American LEGO Shop-at-Home e-commerce business.  Eric is also member of the leadership team responsible for managing the overall LEGO business in the North American, South American and Australian markets.

Mr. Wolfe gave a talk on the history of the LEGO Group and charged students to build an interactive project, using sample LEGOs. He also gave a presentation to the JCC’s President’s Roundtable about LEGOs commitment to STEaM and education.

“LEGO Group’s mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow with our ultimate purpose to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future – experiencing the endless human possibility,” said Mr. Wolfe. “We stress that building and play is important to a child’s education and development. I was more than happy to come back to the area where I grew up to talk about the LEGO Group to local students.”

While at JCC, students also toured the campus, including the Manufacturing Technology Institute and the dorms.

“JHS students use LEGOs in Robotics and Engineering classes as a tool for building with special qualities,” said JHS teacher Scott VanStee. “It is so important for students to see the success of a former local high school student and that they have the ability to have the same success. It is also important that they see the many opportunities that JCC has for them after they graduate from JHS.”

posted on 12/03/2014 - filed under: Academics, JHS, Spotlight, Staff, Students, Technology