JPS Offers Math Workshops for Kindergarten to Second Grade Teachers

Jamestown Public Schools recently held a two-day math workshops with Saffron VanGalder for kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 teachers from Jamestown, Fredonia, Falconer, and Gowanda schools. The workshop was co-sponsored by JPS and Erie 2 BOCES.

Ms. VanGalder is a New York State teacher who is a member of the grade 3 Common Core, Inc. writing team that wrote the Math Curriculum Modules provided by New York State Education Department.  She is currently working on editing modules in kindergarten through fifth grades.

The first day of the workshop involved addition and subtraction and how it builds across the K-2 grade levels.  This workshop allowed teachers to see what standards are involved in the grades before, and after, their grade level. The second day focused on fluency activities within kindergarten to fifth grades.  Fluency is major shift in instruction for the Common Core Standards.

Some teachers also attended this workshop in the summer. Teachers in third, fourth and fifth grades will be able to experience a professional development workshop from Ms. VanGalder in December.

posted on 12/04/2014 - filed under: Academics, Common Core, Elementary School, Math, Spotlight, teachers