Persell 6th Graders Develop Vocabulary Gallery

Persell Middle School sixth graders helped create a Vocabulary Gallery highlighting the domain-specific words in their book entitled, Malala the Brave, in Lisa Stahlman-Colby’s ELA class. Mrs. Stahlman-Colby picks high-interest books to engage students in building the skills they are working on, in this example, vocabulary, to enhance reading comprehension.

The purpose of the Vocabulary Gallery is to learn the key vocabulary related to the topic of the book. Some of the domain-specific words included: United Nations, dedication, nominated, and empowerment. Working as partners, students defined the words, illustrated their meanings, used them in sentences, provided examples then presented their work to the class.

“After the students presented their work, the rest of the students then had to add their new knowledge to the ‘gallery’ by adding another example – whether illustration, sentence, or an example of the thoughts, idea, person, etc.,” said Mrs. Stahlman-Colby. “The idea of adding something more to the Vocabulary Gallery ensured their understanding of the concept, while stretching their levels of learning to higher levels.”Persell Students Develop Vocabulary Gallery

posted on 02/04/2015 - filed under: Academics, ELA, Middle School, Spotlight, Students, teachers