JHS Senior, Stephen Carlson, Visits Fletcher 2nd Graders

“What is your favorite book?” asked a Fletcher Elementary School second grader to JHS Senior Stephen Carlson.

“Where the Red Fern Grows,” said Stephen. “It’s kind of sad but it’s about dogs and I love dogs. Reading is so important. But just as important is that you must do all your work in elementary school so you can succeed in high school and then college.”

Stephen recently visited Fletcher Elementary School second graders to help emphasize the importance of hard work and doing your best everyday.

“Stephen Carlson is the epitome of a role model. He was a great representative to our students,” said Fletcher second grade teacher Shannon Osborne. “There seems to be a disconnect between the elementary schools and the high school.  By having high school students talk with elementary students, we are allowing our students to see, and hear, about choices they will soon have.  It is important to let the students know that we are all a part of the Jamestown Public School community.”

Stephen also believes it’s important to build community. “It is important for the elementary school students to have role models to look up to. It is also important for JHS students to give back to the community and one way we can do that is by helping our younger students succeed. It was really cool to see the student’s reaction and how excited they were to hear from me.”

Stephen talked about school and the importance of studying, listening to teachers, and performing academically. He also talked about having good character traits and always doing the right thing. Stephen stressed the importance of extracurricular activities like athletics, music, student council and volunteering in the local community to help make students well-rounded individuals for college and life.

“The students loved it,” said Mrs. Osborne. “Stephen gave such a strong message on work ethic, obtaining goals and making smart choices. More importantly, he did so in a manner that the students could relate to.  He was able to connect his experiences at the high school with our PBIS system at Fletcher School. The students kept coming up with questions to ask even after he left.”

posted on 02/09/2015 - filed under: Academics, Athletics, Elementary School, JHS, Spotlight, Students