JHS Students Attend UB Distinguished Speaker Series with Magic Johnson

Fourteen JHS students recently had the rare opportunity to hear from Magic Johnson during the University at Buffalo’s Distinguished Speaker Series. JHS business teacher and department chair, David Munella, took the students to the event.

“He is a living icon both in the sport of basketball, but also in the success he has had in his business endeavors,” said Mr. Munella. “I felt it was especially important for some of the students to hear the message he shared about hard work, taking chances as he has in his life, overcoming adversity, as well as seeing great things that happen on college campuses.  It gives them some insight about life lessons that they never have had an opportunity to experience.”

JHS English teacher, Becky Campbell, forwarded the information about the series to Principal, Mike McElrath who thought it would be a great learning experience for the students.

“I enjoyed Magic Johnson a lot because I learned that even when times are hard or you don’t think you can succeed, you just need to learn how to be self-motivated,” said JHS senior, Jarell Greene. “Even though Magic didn’t have everything he wanted growing up, he worked hard and showed that his effort could allow him to be successful.  I was also impressed with how much he has done with different businesses and the money he has made, not from just basketball, but his businesses.”

Mr. Johnson covered many topics including: his NBA career, growing up poor in a large family, developing a strong work ethic instilled by his father, the importance of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mark on history, and his tremendous success in the business world.

“It was inspiring that he took it upon himself to make sure he was doing everything possible to succeed in his poor circumstances,” said JHS senior, Stephen Carlson. “It was awesome that he made it big and was able to share stories about the greatest basketball players we have ever known, including himself.”

“It was inspiring to see how successful he has become through his own hard work,” said JHS senior, Lucas Munella.

posted on 03/10/2015 - filed under: Academics, Community, JHS, Spotlight, Staff, Students