Nationally Renowned Artist, Thomas Paquette, Visits JHS Art Students

Nationally renowned artist Thomas Paquette recently paid a visit to Brandy Fuller’s and Stephanie Baker’s upper level art students at Jamestown High School.  During his visit, Mr. Paquette showed a PowerPoint presentation, talked about what inspires his work, the road he traveled to become an established artist, as well as the challenges he has experienced throughout his career. 

“Mr. Paquette is from Warren and both Stephanie and I are big fans of his work,” said Mrs. Fuller. “He had an exhibit in October at St. Bonaventure Quick Center for the Arts and gave a presentation during the Art Teacher Professional Development Day we attended. Stephanie and I approached him to see if he would be interested in visiting with our upper level art students. I reference his artwork in AP Art, and we will also reference his work in our Drawing and Painting course as well. It was a great opportunity for students to meet the artist whose work has been shown and discussed in class, as well as to listen to first hand, real life experiences-how he decided to become a professional artist, struggles he went through, etc., as well as to get advice on what to expect to be able to become an artist.” 

Students had an opportunity to ask questions of Mr. Paquette regarding both his artwork and his career. A few students were able to stay after the presentation to have a one-on-one critique of their work by Mr. Paquette.

“To have a professional come in and explain my strong points and weaknesses was extremely helpful and will continue to be helpful in the future,” said JHS art student, Kasie Foulk.

In addition to his presentation, Mr. Paquette brought in a few of his smaller oil paintings to allow students the chance to see his work up close.  He also donated a set of books about his work to both art teachers, to be able to use as references in the classroom.

“Thomas Paquette’s visit to JHS was a valuable experience to me,” said JHS art student, Chelsie Proper. “Though my art goal is indeed different from what his was, when Thomas Paquette described his younger days it gave me a bit more hope for the future. When he described his life on the rails it sort of shushed my fears of financial failure, because he still enjoyed his life even without very much money. So, his visit was very inspirational to me and I’m thankful to have experienced it.”

Mr. Paquette’s visit was a unique opportunity for JHS students and the teachers are looking forward to continuing these types of experiences again in the future.


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