JHS Junior Abbie Todaro Selected for Girls State

The American Legion Herman Kent Unit 777 recently selected JHS junior, Abbie Todaro, to attend Girls State from June 27th to July 3rd at the State College of Brockport.

Abbie is the daughter of Pattie and Jim Todaro. She is co-president of her class, has achieved honor roll since her freshman year, is a member of the Key Club, and serves on the student disciplinary committee. Abbie is also a member of the JHS varsity volleyball and varsity golf teams. She was awarded the Coaches’ Award this past year for volleyball.

Outside of school, Abbie plays volleyball for her club travel team, JAVA, and takes dance lessons with Demarco School of Dance. After graduation, Abbie plans to attend a liberal arts college and pursue a career in law.

“As I want to be a lawyer, going to Girls State will be a great opportunity,” said Abbie. “I am looking forward to learning more about the development of laws and the working of state government while attending Girls State in June. I also think all of the leadership opportunities at Girls State will not only help me in my future career, but also while I am currently involved in JHS’ Student Government.”

posted on 03/18/2015 - filed under: Academics, Community, JHS, Spotlight, Students