Persell Middle School 6th Graders Hold Science & Social Studies Expo

Persell Middle School sixth graders recently celebrated what they have been learning in the classroom with a Science & Social Studies Expo. As part of their sixth grade curriculum, students designed and created projects that demonstrated their understanding of ancient civilizations, science experiments, and recycling projects. Students invited their families to attend the Expo to showcase their hard work.

Students chose between three areas of topics in ancient civilizations ranging from the early Stone Age to the Middle Ages. Rooms were filled with Egyptian mummies and pyramids, Great Walls of China, and medieval castles. Science topics encompassed endangered species, science experiments, working volcanoes, and the solar system. The inventive recycling projects were all created out of recycled materials. Some examples included: an end table made from old barn wood, a floor mat made from an old fire hose, old crayons recycled into new ones, and headbands made from T-shirts.

“The students were very excited about the Expo,” said Persell Middle School teacher, Kelly Cardinale. “Students became the experts in their fields by teaching families and their peers about particular topics that they learned about this year. Students shared their interests with their families, and in doing so, created family time to work on their masterpieces together at home. Our rooms and hallways were full of excitement and smiles. We are really proud of our dedicated students.”



posted on 04/01/2015 - filed under: Academics, Community, Middle School, Science, Social Studies, Spotlight, Students