Fletcher Elementary School Parent Helps UPK Students Learn Zumba

Fletcher Elementary School UPK students waved their arms and wiggled their legs along with parent, Alana Moore, during a recent physical education time

“I discovered that Mrs. Moore was a Zumba instructor and was hoping she might be interested in teaching Zumba to our students,” said Fletcher Elementary School UPK teacher Jennifer Schrader.  “It evolved, with the help of PACERS home/school liaison Amanda Serrano, so that all UPK students were given the opportunity to participate.”

Mrs. Moore was happy to help out too.

“I held the Zumba class with the kids because it is a fun way to get them active,” said Mrs. Moore. “There is a growing childhood obesity rate and if I can be involved in helping out in the school, I will.”

The PACERS home/school liaison role is to contact all UPK and Kindergarten parents and arrange opportunities for them to become actively engaged in their child’s education on an on-going basis throughout the school year. This is accomplished in a variety of ways. All parents are offered opportunities to visit and take part in learning activities in their child’s classroom that are facilitated by the classroom teacher in partnership with the home/school liaison. The liaison also hosts various events for parents to become acquainted with other parents and school personnel in addition to learning about the Common Core Curriculum, community services and childhood development.  Family Night is another enjoyable component that features a meal and many intergenerational, fun-filled learning activities for parents and children to participate in together.

“JPS is committed to parent engagement and having parents feel comfortable at school by developing positive relationships with families. They have enlisted the services of JCLC, with whom they have collaborated for 25 years, as a partner in achieving this goal. A willing parent sharing their skills with children is a first step in establishing a reciprocal relationship between school and home,” said JCLC Executive Director, Rosary Kolivas.

The fun Zumba activity had both students and adults moving and dancing. It is important for UPK students to encounter various physical activities throughout the day that incorporate gross motor, fine motor and spatial orientation development to ensure health and well-being.  With the help of a parent, Zumba reinforced all of these skills and let the students have fun too.

posted on 05/04/2015 - filed under: Athletics, Elementary School, Parents, Spotlight, Students, UPK