JHS Senior Liz Mazzone Places 2nd in JCC College Connections Speech Contest

JHS senior, Liz Mazzone, placed second in the 3rd Annual JCC College Connections Speech Contest held on the JCC campus at the beginning of May. Liz competed against thirteen other students from seven high schools that offer JCC Public Speaking for college credit in their high school curriculum. JHS senior, Adriana Roehmholdt, also participated in the competition.

This year’s topic for the four to five minute speech was “What lasting impact will my generation have? What will my generation’s legacy be?”  Liz focused on her generation’s ability to connect with each other to improve economic, political, and social aspects of the world. In addition, each contestant was required to speak extemporaneously for one minute on a one word prompt. Liz’s word was “mustache!”

Public Speaking teacher, Barbi Price, remarked, “Liz began her speech with a fabulous hook, and her delivery in front of the podium with no notes was poised and professional.”

Contestants were graded on both the content and delivery of their speeches by four community judges with communication backgrounds. In the audience were members of Barbi Price’s JHS Spring Semester Public Speaking class who went out to dinner together before attending the speech contest to root their classmates on.

posted on 05/26/2015 - filed under: Academics, ELA, JHS, Spotlight, Students