Fletcher Elementary School Donates to Shades of Pink in Honor of Teacher

Fletcher Elementary School recently donated $660 to Shades of Pink, an organization run by WCA that assists women going through breast cancer. The donation was made in honor of Fletcher School teacher Anne Sischo who is battling cancer.

“After teaching in this district for 30 years, mostly at Fletcher School, the love and support that I felt on ‘Sischo Strong Day’ was amazing and overwhelming,” said Mrs. Sischo. “My wonderful colleagues and former and present students were dressed in red, white, and blue. Some students even created their own Sischo Strong shirts. I felt so much support, and it meant so much to me knowing how many people cared. It helped me get through this difficult time.”

Fletcher Elementary School raised the money through student and staff donations. The entire school wore red, white and blue colors and Buffalo Bills jerseys because Mrs. Sischo is a lifelong fan. The school initially raised the money for Mrs. Sischo but she chose to donate it to Shades of Pink, which is a free to low-cost breast health education and screening program started back in 2011 and funded through a Susan G. Komen WNY Affiliate grant. Shades of Pink’s goals are to provide educational material, clinical breast examinations, screening digital mammograms, and any needed diagnostic services to women without health insurance and/or a primary care provider. 

“Fletcher Elementary School’s donation to Shades of Pink, in honor of Anne Sischo, will be used to help under privileged women get screening digital mammograms, develop prevention strategies and become educated in early detection,” said Debra Daniels CFNP and a volunteer with Shades of Pink. “Thank you so much to Fletcher School for not only honoring their teacher in this special way, but also helping out their local community.”

“I was so appreciative of the money raised, and realized that not every woman diagnosed with breast cancer has this much support, therefore, I wanted to pay it forward and donate this money to Shades of Pink,” said Mrs. Sischo. “This way, many more woman can be informed and receive the necessary support and treatment that they need.  Nobody should go through this alone, so if this money can help even one woman with breast cancer, my wish will be granted.”

posted on 05/28/2015 - filed under: Community, Elementary School, Spotlight, Staff, Students