Fletcher 4th Graders Express Appreciation for JPD

Fletcher Elementary School fourth graders in Andrea Marsh’s class recently had the opportunity to thank a local police officer and learn more about what he does for his local community. Mrs. Marsh invited her brother, JPD Police Officer Adam McKinley, to her classroom for Police Appreciation Week. As a class, students read a poem and individually, each student read an appreciation letter.

“I invited my brother for two reasons,” said Mrs. Marsh. “First, to allow the students to honor the police for Police Appreciation Week. The second reason was to have students make a positive connection with a police officer and understand that they are a familiar face and a friend. I wanted to offer a new perspective on the role of a police officer for some of my students. My brother gave students his car number and reminded them to always wave or say hello if they ever see him out in the community. The students loved it. They haven’t stopped asking for him to come back. In the future, I would like to invite him to have lunch with students or try another activity.”

Officer McKinley answered questions from students about the job of a police officer. Officer McKinley emphasized that the skills that students are learning about in fourth grade, reading and writing, will also be needed in order to be a police officer. He also told students what requirements it takes to become a police officer including finishing high school, attending college and the entering the Police Academy.

“It is really important to have police officers because without them people would be breaking the law all the time,” said Fletcher Elementary School fourth grader Kiela Thompson. “It’s nice to meet a police officer because if we see them when we are out, we know they are friendly and we can go up and say hi.”


posted on 06/03/2015 - filed under: Academics, Community, Elementary School, Spotlight, Students