Fletcher After School Students Discover Cake Decorating Skills

Fletcher Elementary School after school program students unveiled their cake, “The Kingdom of Awesomeness” to the ohhhs and ahhhs of the crowd. The fourth graders, who have been taking Karen Peterson’s Cake Decorating class since third grade, created a castle-themed cake including Shrek figurines they sculpted out of fondant.

“I love doing cake decorating,” said Fletcher fourth grader, Darius Freeney. “I started with Mrs. Peterson last year and I like learning all the different ways you can make different frostings and figurines. I might want to be a cake decorator or chef when I grow up so this is so fun for me to do after school. Mrs. Peterson is a very nice cook. She teaches us a lot of cool cake decorating tips so we get better each year.”

Mrs. Peterson is Jamestown Schools’ Director of Human Resources and volunteers her time to work with the students once a week for six weeks after school.

“I love working with the students and teaching them more about a hobby I enjoy. They have all seen Cake Boss on television and know it’s a fun and creative activity but they also learn that it is demanding and that they must work as a team to succeed in completing a large cake,” said Mrs. Peterson. “They also learn that mistakes will be made but that, in the end, it is just cake and you can eat it. This is the second year I have worked with this group so their skill level has increased dramatically. I plan to follow them to Jefferson Middle School next year and I will have to increase my skill level to keep up with their demand for knowledge!”

The students decided on the theme of the cake as a group, designed the cake on paper, and then determined who will do what job to complete the cake with a master to-do list. The students really developed their fondant and sculpting skills with this year’s cake, as they had to create people and animals as part of the Shrek theme. Mrs. Peterson hopes to use the Family and Consumer Science room at Jefferson Middle School next year to let the students not only decorate, but to also bake, the cake and create the frosting.

“If I inspire even one student to purse this as a career or hobby, I will be thrilled,” said Mrs. Peterson. “Every child has different skills and ways of learning and this experience may help a light bulb go off spurring an interest in creating cakes or maybe something else artistic as part of their future career.”

posted on 06/11/2015 - filed under: After School, Community, Elementary School, Spotlight, Staff, Students