Ring Elementary School Holds Walk for Roadrunner Pride

Ring Elementary School recently held its 4th Annual Roadrunner Pride Walk to Washington Middle School as a culminating event that raised over $3,000 for the general Ring PTA fund.

Ring Elementary School students worked for four weeks to raise the money to support the PTA. Funds are used to provide: Fun Nights, lamination, bussing to The Safety Village, playground renovations, as well as many other miscellaneous activities and supplies for the students and staff at Ring School.

Top money earners were rewarded with prizes including: passes from Lakewood Family Golf Center, kites, bikes, scooters, basketballs, footballs, and skateboards.

“The Walk for Roadrunner Pride is a great event to build school pride and show that we are all working together to reach a common goal,” said Ring Elementary School Principal Connie Foster. “The students are proud to bring in their donations and walk together to Washington Middle School. It is a wonderful experience to see everyone in such a large school all working together. The Walk for Roadrunner Pride is great for school morale!”

posted on 06/11/2015 - filed under: Elementary School, Spotlight, Staff, Students