JPS Builds Elementary Classroom Literacy-Building Libraries

Jamestown elementary school kindergartners through second grade students are benefiting from new literacy-building libraries in each classroom. The district has provided hundreds of books to supplement the daily themes being taught each day in the classroom to help develop student’s vocabulary and background knowledge on specific content areas. Books provided to teachers include both fiction and non-fiction titles such as: traditional stories, fantasy, realistic fiction, informational books, biographies and autobiographies, and historical fiction.

The International Reading Association recommends seven books per student in each classroom to help encourage reading. Teachers agree that the more students read, the better readers they become.

“These books will be an excellent resource for me as a teacher to enhance my curriculum,” said Love Elementary School Kindergarten teacher, Adriana Cammarata. “Historically in the primary grades, we have not exposed students to many non-fiction texts. Having these resources will immerse my students in authentic literature, both fiction and non-fiction.”

All of the kindergartens through second grade library books were selected to enhance and support learning on a specific unit students are studying in the classroom. The books will help teachers by giving them supplemental reading materials that directly relate to what they are teaching. There are also a variety of reading levels to meet students’ reading needs in each library.

“Studies show that the more contact that students have with books, the better readers they become,” said Annette Miller, JPS ELA Coordinator. “By providing classroom libraries to our youngest readers, we are giving teachers the materials needed to help student interact more with books. By also providing a large library with various genres, all students can be challenged to read more. Students must read independently every day and we are always looking for ways to entice our youngest readers with book in subject matters that interest them and spur on their reading.”

The district is planning to implement classroom literacy-building libraries in Universal Prekindergarten classrooms next year.

posted on 06/12/2015 - filed under: Academics, ELA, Elementary School, Spotlight, Students, teachers