Ring Elementary Students Create with the Help of the St. Bonaventure Quick Center’s ArtMobile

“Does anyone know the artist that created these paintings?” asked St. Bonaventure University Education major, Brooke Skroback, as she pointed to paintings on an easel. “They were created by Henri Matisse, a French painter known for his use of color. He cut out shapes from pieces of paper and pasted them on smaller paper to create some of his work.”

Ms. Skroback met with Ring Elementary School students as part of St. Bonaventure Quick Center’s ArtMobile. Ms. Skroback and fellow student, Isabella Brown, visited with Becky Whitman’s art classes for two days. The St. Bonaventure students helped Ring students create a project based on Matisse’s work by cutting out tissue paper in various colors, wetting the paper, and blended the pieces together to create new colors and images.

“It was really fun. I made a fish out of the paper,” said Ring Elementary School third grader, Ethan Pumford. “I love art because you can express yourself and discover new things. I learned that by putting the two colored pieces of paper together wet, I could mix a new color.”

Ms. Whitman found out about the St. Bonaventure Quick Center’s ArtMobile through Principal Connie Foster. 

“Anytime I can get a guest-artist into the classroom, I am eager to do it,” said Ms. Whitman. “It provides a well-rounded art education to expose students to different styles and art situations. There are thousands of visual arts jobs and it benefits students to meet people that are working happily in that field. The students were very interested and involved in creating new colors, blending, and talking about their piece with fellow students.”

The St. Bonaventure students fostered a friendly critique of student’s work by playing “tag” where students presented what they liked about their own piece, answered questions and listened to suggestions from their fellow students. The game allowed students the freedom to conduct a stress-free evaluation of their own work and others.

The St. Bonaventure Quick Center for the Arts has a robust arts education program including group tours of their gallery, Young People’s Performances, art activities and juried arts shows for kindergarten through 12th grades.

posted on 06/30/2015 - filed under: Academics, Art, Community, ELA, Spotlight, Students