JHS School Counselors Play “Who Wants to be a Freshman?” with Middle School Students

“What is the date of the JHS Freshman Orientation in August?” asked Jamestown High School Counselor, Monte Lawson, as Jefferson Middle School eighth grade contestants held up their answers. “It is August 27th! Who was right?”

Mr. Lawson and his fellow JHS School Counselors, Shellee Irwin, Deb Cliver, Ashley Noon and Julie Zaffalon held “Who Want’s To Be A Freshman?” with Jefferson eighth graders. The school counselors visited all three JPS middle schools to help address students’ questions before they arrive at JHS as freshmen.

The school counselors created the questions, which included: tips for success and starting the year off right, faculty/staff introductions, diploma and Regents testing requirements, elective course offerings, JHS Academy options, schedule overview, how to get involved in clubs and activities, and expectations of JHS students including dress code, attendance, and academics.

“This is the first time most of the eighth grade students will meet the JHS Counselors. We like to address some of the questions/concerns students may have about heading to JHS in the fall in a fun way,” said School Counselor Shellee Irwin. “We also like to encourage the importance of attending Freshman Orientation in August. We have found that students have a more positive experience if they attend Freshmen Orientation because they receive their schedules, take a tour of the school, and have an opportunity to ask more questions. We want students to start their freshman year off with confidence and to know that we are here to help them.”

The school counselors passed out information about Freshman Orientation, which will be held on Thursday, August 27th at JHS. Students attend Freshmen Orientation by last name:

9:00 a.m. – All last names beginning with A-P
1:00 p.m. – All last names beginning with Q-Z and All football and marching band members

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