Ring Elementary School 4th Graders Help Keep Their School Safe

Ring Elementary School fourth graders,  Alexandra Gren, Megan Kubera, Kassidy Hailpany-Livermore, Marley Drake, Cecelia Johnson, Kylee Schrader, Jesenia Barber and Lindsey Spitz, suited up in their neon orange safety vests to venture out into the hallways to help keep their school safe as the “Safety Patrol.”

Ring Elementary School’s PBIS team decided to start the Safety Patrol this year as a way of having students take responsibility for encouraging their classmates to make good behavior choices. 

“School hallways are often a problem area for behavior (loud talking, running, etc.) so we stationed the student safety patrols in various hallways at the beginning of the day and at dismissal,” said Ring Elementary School teacher, Jen Hill. “They hand out Ring School good behavior tickets to students who are following the rules of being respectful, responsible and safe in the hallways. The tickets are then used in their classrooms to ‘purchase’ various rewards, from small trinkets to fun activities.  The students that were chosen were students who follow those rules themselves and don’t need reminders to do so.  They are also students who have a good rapport with other students and can give correction without being unkind.”

The students love being on the safety patrol team.

“As fourth graders, we should be setting a good example,” said Alexandra Gren, Lindsey Spitz and Marley Drake. “Because we are also students, we can sometimes influence better behavior because kids listen to other kids.”

posted on 07/01/2015 - filed under: Elementary School, Spotlight, Students