JPS Offers Step Up to Writing Workshop

Jamestown Public Schools recently held a Step Up to Writing workshop for third through eighth grade English Language Arts teachers led by JPS Instructional Coach Chad Bongiovanni. This workshop was for the new 4th Edition of Step Up to Writing and served as a transition/refresher workshop for veteran teachers and an informative first workshop for novice teachers.

Regardless of the level of expertise, these workshops were hands-on and allowed the teachers ample time to dig into the resources and start creating the vision for how Step Up to Writing can be implemented in their classrooms. The workshops consisted of small groups of teacher-leaders who were represented their buildings and/or grade-level teams by taking information back to their buildings to share it.

“Step Up to Writing is so important because it is a valuable resource and tool for teachers to use to meet the unique writing needs of their students,” said Mr. Bongiovanni. “Step Up to Writing will look different in every classroom because teachers will use this resource to support their implementation of the ELA Curriculum Modules. It is a wonderful tool used to modify, differentiate and support writing instruction. Step Up to Writing equips teachers with the materials they need to explicitly teach writing to all of their students; whether it be the struggling writer, or the writer in need of enrichment.”

Step Up to Writing provides a research-based instructional approach to strengthen and support the development of writing skills. Used as a complement to the core curriculum, Step Up to Writing strategies can help students to write more proficiently, actively engage in reading for deeper comprehension, and improve study and critical thinking skills. Every Step Up to Writing strategy is now built to support specific standards in the areas of writing, vocabulary, language, reading, and speaking & listening. Proven Step Up to Writing strategies target students’ grade levels and subject-area learning in specific grades. Implementing Step Up to Writing in every grade establishes a common writing language across grade levels and content areas.

posted on 08/07/2015 - filed under: Academics, Common Core, ELA, Elementary School, Middle School, Spotlight, teachers