Jefferson Students Discover More About Music With Computers

Jefferson Middle School seventh grader, Alayna Johnson, recently studied music theory by engaging with Music Ace Maestro. The computer program, which includes fun, comprehensive lessons on music fundamentals and theory is just one of many computer programs integrated into traditional lessons during Kim King’s music classes. Other computer programs used are: Smart Music (learn and perform music by instrument or vocal, includes method lessons), Sibelius (music notation and composition) and GarageBand (creating and performing music where students can use built in sounds or record from their piano/keyboard). 

“The programs are fun and interactive. The students are more engaged while using this type of technology,” said Mrs. King. “Students are living in an age where technology is fully embedded in their lives and they can better relate to this style of learning. Students also grow in knowledge and skill at their own pace, which makes them feel more successful.”

Seventh graders learn to read rhythm patterns before they move to reading notes and rhythms as it appears on the music staff.  Mrs. King expects students to be able to read and perform notes both in the treble and bass clef on the keyboard with the majority of the students being able to read and perform each clef separately. Some students in each class will be able to play, with both hands together, pieces on the keyboard before the end of the trimester.  Mrs. King also has units on creating and composing music using different “themes” and one on singing and proper vocal techniques. At the middle school level in general, music students focus on: rhythm, steady beat, dynamics, tempo, legato, staccato, style, listening, texture, melody, harmony, tone color, time signature and form.

posted on 09/28/2015 - filed under: Academics, Middle School, Music, Spotlight, Students