Lincoln School Held Anti-Bullying Week

Lincoln Elementary School PTA held its third annual Anti-Bullying Week October 5th through 9th. As part of the week, every child in the school traced their hand and the PTA created a beautiful flower artwork from all the hands. The artwork is displayed in the front hallway with the saying, “We are each unique and beautiful but together we are a masterpiece!”

In addition to the art project, the school conducted theme days to encourage the school community in the anti-bullying campaign. Monday was “Blue Shirt Day” and the homeroom with the most blue clothing items won a pizza party. Tuesday was “Lincoln is a Safe Place to be Yourself Day.” Students could wear mismatched or backwards clothing. Wednesday was “Buddy Up with a Book Day” where students shared their favorite book with their class to receive an anti-bullying bookmark. Thursday’s “Dress for Success Day” to showed that at Lincoln, they mean business about not bullying. Friday was “Be a Good Sport and Team Up Against Bullying Day” with students wearing their favorite sports team jerseys and shirts.

Student also signed an anti-bullying pledge.

“It is important to have an anti-bullying week because it reminds kids to stop bullying,” said Lincoln Elementary School third grader, Madalyn Giorgenti. “We signed a pledge to promise to not bully anyone. I like the different days because it reminds kids that everyone is different and not to judge them by how they look.”

The PTA also held their semi-annual Book Fair during the week where students could purchase books. The Book Fair is a fundraiser for the school and also gives the PTA an opportunity to gift every child in the school with a $5 coupon for towards the purchase of a book during the spring Book Fair.

posted on 10/13/2015 - filed under: Academics, Elementary School, PTA, Spotlight, Students