Jamestown Schools Announces Formation of PROMISE Fund

Jamestown School PROMISE Fund Advisory Board

Jamestown Public Schools is proud to announce the formation of the PROMISE Fund (JSPF). The Jamestown Schools PROMISE (Providing Resources to Our Mission in Support of Education) Fund will assist in funding projects and programs, not supported by tax dollars, by marshaling varied resources to support our students, teachers and schools. The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation is hosting the JSPF assuring that all donations are tax-deductible.

“The Jamestown Schools PROMISE Fund Advisory Board pledges to seek financial support in order to invest in initiatives, programs and people that maintain our focus on the promise that lives within each and every one of our students,” said Board Chair, Dr. Lillian Ney. “Our promise is made not only to the students, but also to the faculty, staff, parents and the community.”

The full complement of Advisory Board members include: Dr. Ney, Vice Chair, Paul Abbott, Co-Secretary/Treasurer, Cameron Hurst and Victoria Rishell, Mike Goldman, Alicia Hodnett, Dr. John LaMancuso, Tim O. Mains, Kim Pinciaro, Tina Sandstrom and John Zabrodsky.

The JPS PROMISE Fund’s philosophy is that all students should have access to a rigorous curriculum and exceptional learning opportunities, leading to the development of well-rounded individuals who are ready to contribute to the greater community. The new 21st century standards demand more of students, and they have placed new demands on teachers and parents as well.

Chautauqua Region Community Foundation Executive Director, Randy Sweeney, and Jamestown PROMISE Fund Advisory Board Chair, Dr. Lillian Ney, signed the PROMISE Fund agreement as Superintendent Tim O. Mains looks on.

“Students need to meet and exceed more challenging standards than in the past. We want them to enjoy the full array of opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom that have always been the hallmark of a Jamestown education,” said Jamestown Public Schools Superintendent Tim O. Mains. “Over the past several years, JPS has faced severe financial challenges. We have lost over 120 staff members, reduced programming, drained our fund balance, and closed a school. And things don’t look like they will get better any time soon. New York State has reduced our revenue by $120 million over the past six years! We do not intend to allow the shortage of government support to threaten the quality of a Jamestown education. By starting the PROMISE Fund, we are taking the future of Jamestown Schools into our own hands.”

The PROMISE Fund is intended to support and enhance programs and/or initiatives which are increasingly threatened by current budgetary realities, such as new courses, access to the latest technology, music and the arts, robust after-school programming, tutors or other methods of improving student success, field trips, and more. The fund could also bolster teacher development and parent/family engagement to ensure student success.

Donations to the Jamestown Schools PROMISE Fund may be made at www.promisefund.org. “The promise of a brighter future begins today.”

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