Bush School Incorporates Health into Physical Education

“Has anyone ever had a cut before?” asked Bush Elementary School Physical Education teacher Shawn Reed to a group of kindergarteners. “What is the red stuff that comes out of your cut?”
 “Blood,” said a student.

“That’s correct. What is in our body that pumps the blood?”

“The heart,” said another student.

“When you breathe, where do you think that goes? I’ll give you a hint; we have two of them. Anyone heard of lungs?” asked Mr. Reed. The class all shakes their head “no.”

“Everybody take a deep breath, in and out. Your breath just went through your lungs. Place your hand over your heart. Can you feel it beating? What happens if we start running?” All the kindergarteners start jogging. “Now, hold your hand over your heart. Is it beating faster? That’s because you are doing physical activity. Is playing video games physical activity, even if you are moving your fingers?”

“No,” said the students.

“That’s right, physical activity is when you exercise and move your body.”

Mr. Reed was teaching the kindergarteners about the importance of physical activity during health curriculum. Every kindergarten through fourth grade student at Bush School receives health as part of physical education class a few times a month. Using a BOCES kit, students are learning about food groups and proper nutrition, including serving size, and how to read food labels, heart rate, the importance of physical activity, personal hygiene and the benefits of not smoking.

“We are trying to instill at a young age some of the important health considerations that they will need to know to keep themselves healthy for the rest of their lives,” said Mr. Reed. “It is a good fit with the physical education curriculum that we teach. The health classes make sure that every student in the school receives knowledge about the benefits of healthy living.”


posted on 11/05/2015 - filed under: Academics, Elementary School, Health, Physical Education, Spotlight, Students