Jamestown Fire Department Visits Fletcher School for Fire Prevention Month

“Does anyone know what to do if you find a match or a lighter in your house or when you are playing outside?” asked Jamestown Firefighter, Shawn Tibbitts to a group of Fletcher Elementary School students. “Do you pick them up? Do you play with them?”

“No!” said the students.

“That’s right they are only tools for adults. If you find one, you should tell an adult and let them take care of the match or lighter.”

Jamestown Firefighter Tibbitts, along with fellow firefighters, Rob Smith, Mark Federko and Brian Achterberg, met with Fletcher students to stress the importance of fire prevention and safety as part of Fire Prevention Month in October. The firefighters visited many local schools to remind students to: check with their families that they have a smoke detectors and it is working in their houses, know when to call 911, pick out a “safe spot” where the entire family can meet outside their home in case of a fire or emergency, learn how to drop and roll in case their clothes catch on fire, and other important fire prevention and safety tips.

Firefighter Smith put on his uniform so that students could see what a fireman looks like when entering a house during a fire and how they call out to find out where someone is in the house.

“It is very important for us to visit the schools and remind students about important fire safety tips to help prevent fires,” said Firefighter Tibbitts. “But, we also want to ensure that the students know who we are so in the case of a fire they feel comfortable coming to us and that we are only there to help them.”

posted on 11/06/2015 - filed under: Community, Elementary School, Spotlight, Students