Washington School’s Family Math Night – Interactive Experience With SUNY Fredonia Students

Washington Middle School recently held a “Spooktacular Good Time” Family Math Night with the help of senior SUNY Fredonia math education majors and graduate students. The SUNY students created six stations with games revolving around Halloween and math skills. Families had a blast participating in the games while wearing fun Halloween costumes.

“Our students use Family Math Night as an ‘authentic’ opportunity to develop and implement curricular materials that they have created,” said Keary Howard, Ph.D.,

SUNY Professor Mathematics Education, Department of Mathematical Sciences. “There is no substitute for directly working with students and their teachers. The pre-service teachers developed all of the activities and stations.  Fredonia faculty provided feedback, but the material is essentially a unique creation of the Fredonia seniors. Family Math Night is a highlight of our semester and has been so for over 15 years.”

The math topics were created in consultation with Washington Middle School faculty and guided by the Common Core Standards. Games such as:  “Zombie Thriller 3-Legged Race” where families raced to solve math problems; “Creepy Catapult Launch” to create catapults and determine distance marshmallows will fly; “How Mad/Rad/Bad is Your Hat?” to answer math questions to win materials to create a cool hat; “It’s a sMAD, sMAD, sMAD World” where families used dice to create 10s and included adding and subtracting; “Zombie Rock n Roll,” solving problems to earn balloons; and “Pumpkin PiScraper” earning supplies to build a skyscraper by solving geometry-related problems.

“My favorite game so far is the Creepy Catapult Launch. I saw the flyer for Family Math Night and it seemed like a lot of fun and it has been,” said Washington Middle School parent, Frank Galeazzo. “It is important to stay involved with your children’s education and help with schoolwork. You want to help get your child excited about learning.”

“This is a wonderful connection that we have with SUNY Fredonia,” said Washington Middle School Principal, Melissa Emerson. “Anytime we can give the college students real-life experiences working with our children always turns out to be a benefit to them as well as a great experience for our students. The students had a great time and made some great connections with each other, as well as the students from Fredonia.”


posted on 11/06/2015 - filed under: Academics, Common Core, Community, Middle School, Spotlight, Staff, Students