Washington Middle School Student Thanks JPD

Washington Middle School seventh grader, Cam’ron Jones, recently thanked Jamestown Police Chief, Harry Snellings, and all Jamestown police officers, for their work in the local community. Cam’ron wrote a letter to Chief Snellings explaining why he appreciates what police officers do every day.

“I just really wanted to show my appreciation for what they do, how they protect us and how they helped my family,” said Cam’ron. “I really want to be a police officer in Jamestown when I grow up and I thought it would be a good thing to write to Chief Snellings.”

To thank Cam’ron for writing the letter, Chief Snellings visited with Cam’ron and his classmates. He talked with them about how he became a police officer, what types of training and education you need, and answered questions from the students about his job. He stressed the importance of strong communication, both verbal and written, as a skill all police officers need. He told students that English classes are some of the most important classes they will take to be successful as a police officer, and in life.

“I enjoyed receiving Cam’ron’s letter. It is important for us, as police officers, to engage the community in a positive way, especially with our children,” said Chief Snellings. “I wanted to come in and explain in more detail, what our job is in the community and hopefully encourage students to think about becoming a police officer in their own community.”

posted on 12/04/2015 - filed under: Academics, Community, Middle School, Spotlight, Students