Washington After School Program Holds Unique Career Night

Washington Middle School After School Program students and their families had an opportunity to learn more about diverse careers through a fun and informative Career Night. Site Coordinator Britt Tuzzo developed the idea to bring students and their families into the school to enjoy a night of learning.

“It is my first year running the after school program at Washington I wanted to do a family night that would be interesting for both the students and their parents,” said Ms. Tuzzo. “I also wanted to do something where they could learn information that might be helpful to them in their lives. I thought it would be really cool if I could get people to come and talk to the students about their jobs, which became the Career Night. I thought having diverse careers represented was important. I wanted to offer different ways students could work and make a good living.”

Over 65 people visited Career Night to learn more about diverse careers with local community members: Jamie Haight, field biologist, James Christian, tattoo artist, Ashley Calla, Fletcher Elementary School teacher, Doug Weaver, Jamestown police officer, Rick Tuzzo, telecommunications coordinator, Shannon Bessette, JCC anthropology professor, and Vince Liuzzo and Justin Miller, business owners of Tactical Tree Solutions.

Ms. Tuzzo posted on Facebook that she was doing a Career Night and got an overwhelming response.

“I wanted to make sure that I could get enough people to come in and talk, and to my surprise, I got an overwhelming response from friends and other people I’ve met throughout my life saying that they would come in. The community really supported us,” said Ms. Tuzzo.  “I received so many amazing comments from parents saying it was so fun and one of the favorite family nights that they have attended!”

Ms. Tuzzo thanks all of the volunteers and Washington Advantage After School Program staff that helped make the night a success.

posted on 12/10/2015 - filed under: Academics, After School, Community, Middle School, Parents, Spotlight, Students