Jefferson 6th Graders Become Greek Gods & Goddesses

Poseidon, Hera, Zeus and Aphrodite recently made modern-day appearances in the Jefferson Middle School gymnasium. Sixth graders developed a Greek Gods & Goddesses Fair as the culminating project for the English Language Arts unit around Greek Mythology. Students wrote a research paper on a god they chose and were encouraged to use their talents to guide their project.

“I liked learning about the Greek gods and goddesses,” said Jefferson Middle School sixth grader, Jaylyn Fred who created her Poseidon costume. “It was fun to do the project. Poseidon’s main color is blue and I had a blue dress to wear. Then, I created a trident to go along with it. It’s fun to do projects like this because you learn new things and are able, during the fair, to teach others what you have learned.”

As part of the unit, students read The Lightning Thief, which peaked their interest in mythology. Students researched everything about their chosen god from his or her characteristics to their families to the myths that helped shape the lives of the ancient Greeks.  As they wrote their research paper in school, they worked on a visual project at home.  The students had their choice of how they would like to represent the god they chose, so everything from Poseidon’s trident to Zeus’s family tree to authentic hand-sewn outfits of Greek goddesses were represented.

“Our sixth grade team decided to do this project for a number of reasons, the main one being that the students were fascinated by this topic and wanted to learn more. Tom Langworthy came up with the idea for the fair, and we all agreed it was a terrific way of getting the students to be excited about the writing process, as well as offering the chance for them to be creative and demonstrate their talents,” said Jefferson sixth grade teacher, Erin Knapp. “The fair was very well attended, from family and community members to fellow students and JPS administrators. We are so proud of both the work ethic shown by the students and the quality projects they completed. We’re already looking forward to doing this again next year!”

posted on 12/28/2015 - filed under: Academics, Common Core, ELA, Middle School, Spotlight, Staff, Students