AJP Donates To St. Susan’s Center

The Association of Jamestown Paraprofessionals (AJP) recently donated food items to St. Susan’s Center to help out during the holiday season. The AJP heard a story on the radio that last year St. Susan’s Center was able to feed over 125,000 meals to those in need.

“We thought it is time for us to come together and give back, or ‘pay it forward.’ The true meaning of giving is, giving when you don’t have much to give. You don’t need a lot of money to give; you just need a giving heart,” said JPS AJP member, Lisa Bresson. “That’s why we decided to give back by starting a food drive for St. Susan’s.”

The district’s paraprofessionals gathered food items in their perspective buildings, as well as from the staff at Washington Middle School, and brought the donations to Jamestown High School for delivery to St. Susan’s Center. When the paraprofessionals delivered the donations to St. Susan’s Center, a young boy and his father where waiting to hold open the doors. Each time they walked by with boxes, the boy smiled the biggest smile. The look on the young boy’s face spoke volumes and made the paraprofessionals feel warm inside by helping those who are homeless and hungry.

The AJP offers a special thanks to Dean Adams and Tim Jones for their help with the drive and to all those who contributed to this worthy cause.

posted on 01/05/2016 - filed under: Community, Spotlight, Staff