JPS District Shared Decision Making Team Supports Schools

“The district Shared Decision Making Steering Committee has two functions,” said JPS Superintendent, Tim O. Mains, at the committee’s inaugural meeting. “We are responsible for providing help and support to individual school’s Shared Decision Making Teams and also, be the Shared Decision Making Team (SDMT) for the entire district supporting and reviewing our School Improvement Plan, which must be approved by our Board of Education and sent to the State Education Department.”

As part of five-year JPS Strategic Plan, a district Shared Decision Making Steering Committee was formed to provide definition to the school’s SDMT process and to endeavor, on a district level, to do what the SDMTs are attempting to accomplish at the school level. The Steering Committee is chaired by Superintendent Mains and is comprised of representatives from central administration, elementary and secondary principals, the district’s bargaining units, and the City Council PTA.

“I became involved in the district SDMT because I am a former student of Jamestown Public Schools and enjoyed my time in the schools,” said Carrie Graham, a parent representative who is employed by Libera Inc. “I have two children who attend Washington Middle School and one more who will be entering in the future. Personal involvement and understanding how, and why, decisions are made are important to me and my family. It is important to be involved at the District level as well as the school building level because many decisions are made from the top-down and not every decision works for each individual building in the Jamestown Public Schools. Being able to provide input as a former student, parent, community member, and an employer provides a unique perspective.  I would like the community to know that we are involved and working to improve the Jamestown Schools to benefit everyone.”

In addition to monitoring the Shared Decision Making process for the district, the Steering Committee also provides guidance to the district in matters involving school-based management.

The district would like to thank the members of the district Shared Decision Making Steering Committee for their time and energy in volunteering their services to help out the district:  Alda Brown, Phil Cammarata, Dave Currie, Joanne Dean, Carrie Graham, Val Hagglund, Renee Hartling, Diana Johnson, Jessie Joy, Tim Mains, Mike McElrath, Autumn Miller, John Panebianco, Karen Peterson, Julie Poppleton, Chris Reilly, Melissa Rhodes, Tina Sandstrom and John Spacht.

posted on 02/04/2016 - filed under: Academics, Community, Spotlight