Students & Families Learn More About Cycles of Nature with Visit from Live Chicken

Lincoln Elementary School students in Roslyn Sisley-Kazelunas, Wendy Lindstrom, Kimberly Knight, and Laurie Hind’s second grade classes invited parents to spend a morning learning and experiencing a variety of activities to strengthen their child’s knowledge of cycles of nature.

The second grade welcomed not only parents, but also community member, Vic Marcum from Marcum Farms. Mr. Marcum shared his knowledge of the life cycle of a chicken.  This was one of the many cycles the students have been learning about during class.  Marcum Farms is home to different types of chickens and he was able to share his wealth of knowledge.  Students and parents were also able to pet the chicken, candle an egg, and touch the chicken feed.  Parents then returned to their child’s classroom where they recorded facts they had learned, dissected a hard boiled egg, labeled the life cycle of the chicken with vocabulary words they had been learning, and created an art project to take home.  The visit was the culminating activity of the “Cycle in Nature” unit taught in Listening and Learning. 

“I truly enjoyed watching our students engage in their learning with their parents” said Mrs. Roslyn Sisley-Kazelunas. “The morning was a successful educational experience for all.”

posted on 03/03/2016 - filed under: Academics, Common Core, Community, ELA, Elementary School, Spotlight, Students