Q & A Regarding the Jamestown School District’s Role in the Prendergast Library Funding Proposition

The district has received inquiries about its role in the Prendergast Library funding proposition. We have created some questions and answers to help clarify our role in the June 7th vote. If you have any additional questions about the Prendergast Library funding propositions, please call the library directly at 484-7135 or visit their website at prendergast.fundourlibraries.org. If you have additional questions about the school district’s role, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 483-4420.

Q.  Why is the school district involved in the Prendergast Library funding proposition?
A.   New York State education law allows libraries to work with school districts to place tax levy propositions before the voters, because libraries have no taxing authority.  The school district must assist the library in holding a public vote, but does not take any position on that vote.

Q.   Is the Library tax levy part of the school budget?
A.   No, the library tax levy is not part of the school budget.  If the proposition is approved by voters, all funds will go to the Prendergast Library to support its operations.  The library tax levy does not affect the school budget in any way.

Q.   What is the Library tax levy vote for?
A.    The public will vote on a library tax levy proposition for $850,000 to fund the operations of the Prendergast Library.  Jamestown school district residents will have the opportunity to vote whether or not to support the tax levy proposition on June 7th at Prendergast Library.

Q.    Why does the Library need $850,000?
A.    According to the Library’s website, this is an effort by the Library to establish a predictable and reliable revenue stream after years of uncertain funding.  The $850,000 would represent about 65% of their overall budget.

Q.    How would a Library Tax Levy work?
A.    Tax bills for the Library levy, if approved by voters, would be mailed with the School tax bills.  The Library and the School taxes would appear on separate lines. Residents would pay the library levy at the same time as the school levy.

Q.   When and where is the Library vote?
A.    The Library tax levy vote will take place on June 7th from 12:00pm to 9:00pm at Prendergast Library.

Q.    When and where is the School Budget Vote?
A.     The School Budget vote will take place on May 17th from 12:00pm to 9:00pm at the Jefferson and Washington Middle Schools and Lincoln Elementary School.

posted on 05/15/2016 - filed under: Community, Spotlight