JHS Senior Wins JCC College Connections Speech Contest

JHS senior, Emily Isaacson, won the 4th Annual JCC College Connections Speech Contest held on the JCC campus on May 5th. Emily competed against nine other students from five high schools that offer JCC Public Speaking for college credit in the high school curriculum. JHS junior, Marty Dibble, also participated in the competition.

This year’s topic for the four to five minute speech was “As consumers, how do we balance our waste with our want?”  Emily focused on society’s inclination to want more than it needs and to waste both time and resources. In addition, each contestant was required to speak extemporaneously for one minute on a random prompt. When asked how she would spend one million dollars, Emily announced that she would donate it all to cancer research and referenced Kallie’s Krusade.

JHS Public Speaking teacher, Barbi Price, remarked, “Emily began her speech with a fabulous hook that referenced her seven year old self wanting yet another Barbie doll, and her delivery was conversational and upbeat.”

“Public Speaking really taught me how to captivate an audience while being able to add parts of my personality,” said Isaacson. “After taking the class, I have become so much more confident in school, talking to strangers, and, of course, speaking in a formal setting. This class will also help me achieve more throughout college.”

Contestants were graded on both the content and delivery of their speeches by three community judges with communication backgrounds.

posted on 05/18/2016 - filed under: Academics, ELA, JHS, Spotlight, Students