Jefferson Middle School Holds Annual Career Day

A funeral director, athletic trainer, arborist, investment consultant and sports journalist were just a few of the 28 local community volunteers who recently visited Jefferson Middle School to talk to sixth grade students about their careers.  A tradition at Jefferson Middle School, Career Day is the brainchild of retired Jefferson teacher, Paul Lombardo.

“It is important for our students to realize the options that exist here in our community,” said Jefferson Middle School sixth grade teacher, Tom Langworthy, who coordinates the day along with fellow teachers, Paul Baker, Bill Miley, and Adam Mason.  “There are many professional jobs right here in the Jamestown area and exposure to those jobs is very important.  It is also significant for students to learn that that many of the successful people we bring in were students in Jamestown, just like they are. It allows students to see themselves in our speakers and helps create a vision for their future.”

The goal of Career Day is to expose Jefferson Middle School students to a variety of careers that are available for them after they graduate from high school and college and to bring successful professionals to Jefferson School to share information with students what it takes to be successful in their profession. Students rotate throughout the day to hear the stories of the local professionals.

“The students and staff at Jefferson Middle School are extremely grateful for the time and energy that our 28 speakers gave at Career Day,” said Mr. Langworthy. “The speakers provided students with a background, pathways, and qualifications for their respective careers. Many students walked away from Career Day with a list of careers that they can focus on as they transition through middle school and on to Jamestown High School.”

A special thanks to all the community volunteers that attended Career Day:

Sam Teresi            Mayor                   
George Panebianco        Judge/Lawyer                   
Jay Baehr            Youth Pastor                   
Debra Swanson        Nurse                   
Pete Scheira            Business Owner                   
Gary Kindberg        Funeral Director                   
Brian Greenwald        Disaster Relief                   
Paul Lombardo        Teacher                   
Todd Isaacson            Pilot                   
Robin Muscaro & Alstar Staff    Alstar EMS                   
Cindy DiNapoli        Information Services                   
Sgt. First Class Kristie Bly    Army/National Guard                   
Gelena Duba-Weaver        Attorney                   
Dan Stone            Arborist                   
Yvonne Garcia        Army Reserves                   
Michael Baker         Insurance Sales               
Jason Stronz            Investment Consultant                   
Shawn Tibbits            Firefighter                   
Mike Holdridge        Department of Public Works                   
David Pacham & Jeff Brockelbank    Department of Environmental Conservation       
Mike Morganti        Jamestown Police Department       
Lindsay Pappalardo        Pharmacist                   
Scott Kindberg        Post-Journal Sports Journalist                   
Andrea DiMaio        Dog Trainer                       
Andrew Johnson        Civil/Environmental Engineer               
Greg Vorse            Time Warner News Media                   
Michael Conti            Mechanic                   
Kari Newman            Athletic Trainer

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