Fletcher Family Literacy Night Builds Reading & Connections

As part of its Community Schools Grant, Fletcher Elementary School recently held a Family Literacy Night to connect the three pieces that support the development of literacy skills within a child: family, school, and community.  The night included a presentation about community resources by Fletcher Principal Maria DeJoy, Fletcher teachers reading books aloud in the classrooms, and short literacy activities.

As part of the night, Fletcher teachers modeled various reading strategies and worked with parents to offer suggestions of ways to incorporate reading into their child’s daily routine and activities. Some of the classroom activities included: identifying rhyming words, alliteration using creative movement, comparing and contrasting animals and concepts within the book, and using descriptive language to describe characters.

Every family was given three books to add to their home libraries including the books read during classroom time. The other two books were targeted to each child’s reading level and included tips and activities for parents to use in conjunction with the books at home. 

“We are trying to help parents make the read-aloud a rich learning experience,” said Stephanie David, Fletcher Elementary School’s Instructional Coach.  When children become engaged in a text, language skills are built; when adults can model proper reading behaviors and skills, children learn to become lifelong readers.” 

posted on 06/13/2016 - filed under: Academics, ELA, Elementary School, Parents, Spotlight, Students