JHS Honors August Graduates at Ceremony

Jamestown High School recently held an August Graduation Ceremony to honor three graduates:  Jordan Allen, Luis Cruz and Richard Manhart. The ceremony was held in the Jamestown Board of Education meeting room with family and friends in attendance. Jamestown Board of Education members, Paul Abbott, Patrick Slagle, Dan Johnson and Shelly Leathers participated in the ceremony, along with JHS Principal Mike McElrath and Superintendent Tim O. Mains.

“Tonight we celebrate three young men who have reached a significant milestone in their young lives,” said Dr. McElrath. “All three have shown persistence in the face of obstacles. All three have demonstrated the ability to rise above a temporary setback to achieve their goal of becoming a high school graduate and I am very pleased to see the progress these men have made to receive their diplomas.” 

Superintendent Mains holds a Graduation Ceremony in August to acknowledge the student’s hard work and dedication.

“We do not give away diplomas. You have each earned your diploma with your hard work,” said Superintendent Mains. “A high school diploma changes what lies ahead of you by opening the doors for work, military or college that wouldn’t have been obtainable without your diploma. You will now have to decide where you will go and what you will do with your life. We are tremendously proud of your dedication to achieve your goal of a high school diploma.”

posted on 08/25/2016 - filed under: Academics, Graduation, JHS, Spotlight