Washington School Offers Fun Day for Students

All Washington Middle School students recently were rewarded for their good behavior & hard work at the school’s semi-annual “Fun Day” through the school’s PBIS program.

“We try to put these days together a couple times per year to reward good behavior, celebrate being a Lobo and give a morale booster at key spots throughout the year,” said Washington Middle School teacher, Jason Williams, who is a member of the PBIS Committee. “EVERYONE is involved and teachers get to choose activities they want to offer the kids. The kids get a menu to choose from to request their own classes.”

Students attend six, 30-minute activities that include activities like: coloring and snacks, movies, board games, free time on computers, Putt Putt in the auditorium, Hogwarts crafts and quizzes, Wii Bowling on the big screen, self-drawn animators on a string [thaumatropes]), self-defense with Rocky Signorino, JPD K9 Officer Erik Kraft also brought in Officer Mitchell and Sheriff and State Trooper K9 Officers, Deputy Jason Beichner and Trooper Jason Cresanti brought in Officers Drago and Kubi to show the students how a K9 officer is trained.

posted on 02/06/2017 - filed under: Middle School, Spotlight, Students