Lincoln Elementary School Kicks Off “Reading is Magic”

“A recipe is a set of instructions that tell you how to cook something.  It tells you the ingredients you need and the steps that you need to follow. You need to be a good reader to follow a recipe,” said Charlotte the Chef to the princesses during the PARP (Pick a Reading Partner) kick-off assembly, which introduced students to the Enchanted Kingdom of Read-a-Lot.

The school kicked-off its PARP program with a play created by Mrs. Burstrom, fourth grade teacher Britta Livengood, and reading teacher Britany Emley, which included many Lincoln School staff in a magical kingdom where two princesses learned the importance of reading. The PARP program, which runs through March 20th, has a “Reading is Magic” theme this year and Lincoln School will become the Enchanted Kingdom of Read-a-Lot. The school is decorated with 15 different areas of a castle, such as the Royal Gardens, the Dungeon and the Jousting Arena. Students are asked to read with a family member or adult for at least 15 minutes outside of school to encourage a love a reading.

“Every year Lincoln School partners with the families of our students to promote reading at home through our PARP program,” said Lincoln Elementary School second grade teacher Mary Cook. “Students really look forward to the excitement that the program brings to the building via its many fun activities.”

Many activities were coordinated by Mrs. Burstrom and Ms. Emley, along with members of the PARP committee including: classroom crest door decorating, daily trivia contests, daily educational video announcements created by Lincoln teachers, a daily quest with every classroom trying to find the “secret clue” in Lincoln School, a visit from Mike Randall at WKBW about the importance of reading, and a royal invitation to the “Royal Dining Hall,” also known as the Lincoln cafeteria, where students will feel royal eating their “feast” with kingdom cups on fancy tablecloths. They will also have their picture taken with their teacher in the Royal Throne and observe all of the classroom crests hung for all to see.

posted on 03/07/2017 - filed under: Academics, ELA, Elementary School, Spotlight, Staff