JCC Jayhawks Baseball Visit Love Hard Work Café Students

“I’ve brought some members of the baseball team and a lot of them are from Jamestown,” said JCC Jayhawks Baseball Head Coach Matt Cummings. “They grew up in the same neighborhoods as you guys did; they are from around here. These guys have to work hard every single day, just like you do.” 

Coach Cummings and his players were visiting Love Elementary School to reward students in the “Hard Work Café.” The players talked about important character traits like perseverance and commitment and why doing well in school is so important. They also talked about their experiences while growing up.

“We love doing things like this,” said Coach Cummings. “It is a great way for my guys to reach out to the community and talk to kids that came from the same neighborhoods they came from. It was important for us to spend some time with the kids today talking about responsibility and working hard together. Today was good day. We really enjoyed meeting with the kids.” 

Each Thursday, Love Elementary School first through fourth grade teachers send students to the “Hard Work Cafe” with Danielle Russell to eat lunch and work on fun activities related to Love School’s student vision “I Believe That I Can Learn.” These are the Love students who are consistently doing their jobs, working hard, and are great role models for their peers. Mrs. Russell thought it would be a great idea to bring in the players to talk about character education traits and be role models for the Love students.

“I wanted to do something special for the students that are being nominated by their teachers week after week so I have collaborated with the Coach Cummings to bring some of his players to do a special presentation for these select students,” said Mrs. Russell. “The students were absolutely thrilled to meet the members of the baseball team. At one point during the presentation, the players sat and talked with the kids and encouraged them to keep working hard and to always do their best. You could see in the students’ faces how proud they were of themselves for earning this opportunity, which is what we aim for at Love, students who are proud of themselves for the way they act and the things they do. At Love School we feel it is important for our students to understand that they can set goals and achieve their goals by putting forth effort. Our students were able to relate to the players that visited from JCC and were able to make the connection between working hard in school and being committed to achieving your goals.”

posted on 05/08/2017 - filed under: Academics, Community, Elementary School, Spotlight