Fletcher PARP’s Read Like A Rock Star

Bruno Mars, Cher and Katy Perry were just a few of the many rock stars to perform at Fletcher Elementary School’s “Read Like A Rock Star” event. The “concert” was the culminating event for the school’s Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) event. Teachers dressed up as famous rock stars and lip synched to popular songs to the delight of Fletcher Elementary School students.

Fletcher School’s PARP lasted two weeks and students read over 26,400 minutes with 352 participation slips turned in for the program. PARP’s goal was for families to read everyday with their child for at least 15 minutes outside of school and sign slips each week with the amount of time they read at home.

In addition to the “concert” at the end of the PARP, the school held various fun events such as: discovering your rock star name, designing a flyer informing people of the student’s band event, making a list for someone telling them the five reasons “they rock,” crazy hair day and double dare day where students wore matching outfits.
A special thanks to The Post-Journal who donated two bikes, one for a girl and one for a boy, and Kmart who donated the bike helmets. First grader, Josiah Armentrout, and third grader, Jayleen Rodriguez, won the bikes.

“PARP is such a special event,” said Fletcher Elementary School Instructional Coach. “It is a program to celebrate the joy of books with family. Reading for enjoyment is wonderful, and sharing a book with someone you love spending time with is even better!   The Fletcher staff loves entertaining the students each year throughout the PARP program.  It gives us a chance to do something fun for the kids.  We have a good time, too, and it’s all for the importance of reading.

posted on 05/15/2017 - filed under: Academics, Community, ELA, Elementary School, Parents, Spotlight, Staff, Students