Fletcher Elementary School’s Science Fair Showcases Budding Scientists

Over 50 science projects lined the Fletcher Elementary School gymnasium during the school’s recent Science Fair. Kindergarten through fourth grade students, with the help of their parents, created innovative science projects to display to their classmates and families. Student’s projects included: tooth decay to gummy bears growing in water to how cotton becomes a t-shirt.

The Science Fair was a part of Fletcher’s Family Engagement Plan (FACE), which is a plan designed to strengthen engagement through the focuses of science, literacy, math and the arts.  

“This is the first time we have ever had done a science fair at Fletcher Elementary School,” said Fletcher Elementary School teacher Mary Indriolo, who along with Instructional Coach, Stephanie David, created the school fair. “It was on my bucket list that before I retire we do a science fair. The students had a wonderful time and they learned about hypotheses, theory, conclusion, and using data. The projects that the students and their families came up with were so amazing!”

Each student’s science project had to include the scientific method: question, hypothesis, materials, data, procedure, conclusion and reflection. They could be as creative as they wanted with photographs, drawings, graphs and/or other visuals. The teachers sent home a very detailed packet that gave ideas for the types of science projects they could do, explaining the scientific method, choosing categories that might interest them, a step-by-step process to create a winning science fair project, and websites they could visit for more ideas.

The Science Fair was judged by: Dr. Lillian Ney, Dave Currie (JPS Science Coordinator) and Doug Foster (JPS Science Instructional Coach). The winners were: 

OVERALL: Winners from All Categories:
1st place overall: Camryn Storms
2nd place overall: Paul Cunningham
3rd place overall: Nilla Ecklof

Kindergarten and First Grade Category: 
1st place: Francesca Guarnieri
2nd place: Bladen Ence
3rd place: Deacon Gould

Second Grade Category:
1st place: Andrew Smith-Calanni
2nd place: Maria McIntyre
3rd place: Natalie David

Third and Fourth Grade Category:
1st place: Wyatt Olmstead
2nd place: Mrs. Burt’s Class, Brady Ulander, Jada Hagga, Jazzy Reed, Hope Hannold, Hannah Courson, Gavin Spitz, Brennan Gordon, Jazon Fields,
Tirzah Avery,  Charlie Taylor, Scott Smith,Harlow Gallegos
3rd place: Rachel Hobbs

Fletcher’s PTA and Tile 1 funds made this event possible. All the participants received a certificate, ribbon, and an interactive science notebook. Each category winner received a medal and a microscope, and the overall winners received a trophy and a microscope.

But in reality, all the students and families that were involved were winners as they learned a lot more about science and the scientific method through doing the fun projects.

“It was truly a memorable night to see the brilliancy and creativity of our little scientists in the makings,” said Mrs. Indriolo. 

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