JHS Gardeners of Weedin’ Thanks All Their Community Supporters

The Jamestown High School’s Gardeners of Weedin’ Club has much to be thankful for because of tremendous community support of the school’s gardens. The club would like to thank the following people and businesses for their support: Steve Hayes from the Jamestown Rotary Club, Darren Hills from Subaru, Chuck Shick from Chautauqua Brick and JHS teachers, Dave Munella and Daryl Damcott.

Steve Hayes from the Jamestown Rotary met club members at the Grow Jamestown Fair hosted by the Northwest Ice Arena. He invited the Gardeners of Weedin’ to speak to Rotary Club members. Two students, Zara Miles and Pamela Vargas, represented the Gardeners of Weedin’ by sharing what they are currently working on and the club’s victories and obstacles. The Jamestown Rotary Club gave a $100 donation to the gardeners.

The club also received free garden elements from Jamestown’s local Subaru retailer as part of the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) partnership with Subaru for their “Subaru Loves the Earth Campaign.” Former JHS alumnus Darren Hills, sales manager from Subaru nominated JHS and he summed up his sentiment perfectly, “Once a Raider, Always a Raider.” NWF gifts to JHS included: several gardening tools, seeds packets, beautiful perennials and a $100 Visa gift card.

JHS technology teacher Daryl Damcott and his class created flower boxes that were placed on the fence that surrounds the garden beds. Both Mr. Damcott and fellow teacher, David Munella, have been very helpful and involved in the process of providing the club with building supplies. A special thank you to Chuck Shick at Chautauqua Brick for donating the supplies needed to prepare the flower beds.

“At Chautauqua Brick we are always willing to give back to the community and help out whenever we can,” said Mr. Shick.

A special thank you to Lee Boyde and the custodial staff at JHS. Mr. Boyde has assisted the Gardeners of Weedin’ in so many capacities and they are very grateful for his help. Debbie Oakes, JHS ENL teacher, has also been a great support system and has assisted with the garden club this school year. The students have enjoyed having her as part of their gardening team.

The club is currently discussing the possibility of preparing a small water fountain for the secret memory flower garden that is located in the front of the school.

“We are humbled and grateful for the amount of support we have been given,” said Gardeners of Weedin’ Club Advisor Cheryl Jones. “Though we are a small club at Jamestown High School, we are a proud club and indeed very blessed.”

posted on 06/01/2017 - filed under: Community, JHS, Spotlight