Fletcher Elementary School Honors Long-Time Custodian

Fletcher Elementary School recently remembered long-time employee, Myron L. Gilbert, by dedicating a plaque engraved with his name in the Fletcher Memorial Park. Mr. Gilbert, worked for the Jamestown Schools as a head custodian for 30 years and was at Fletcher Elementary School for 27 of those years. He retired in 1986. His family attended the memorial. This is the school’s third annual Fletcher Memorial Park dedication.

“If you knew Myron Gilbert, he will always be remembered as a loving and caring person to family and those close to him at school or his life away from school,” said Fletcher Elementary School teacher Teresina Isabella during opening remarks. “He not only cared for people, but loved animals. He was a generous and thoughtful individual his entire life.”

Multiple people spoke about the impact that Mr. Gilbert had on their lives at Fletcher School and the community including: his grandson Julian Jackson, who is currently a second grade student at Fletcher, Rev. Carolyn Stow, his wife, Allene Gilbert, retired Fletcher School teachers Nancy Miller and Sally Kier and Fletcher Elementary School Principal Maria DeJoy.

Mr. Gilbert’s name will join other names memorialized on the sign: Isabella Stanford, Karen Lange, J.D. Smith, Josephine Coburn, Jane A. Winter, Desire Bennett and Cynthia Peterson. The tradition of holding a ceremony in conjunction with Memorial Day is a way to honor someone who has been instrumental in the success of Fletcher Elementary School. It is also a way to remind students what Memorial Day is really about and to keep in mind to thank veterans for their service and remember those we have lost.

posted on 06/02/2017 - filed under: Community, Elementary School, Spotlight, Staff