Ring Elementary School 3rd Graders Teach Peers About Life Cycles

“Here’s a show about some life cycles, we’ll tell with you what we know,” sang Ring Elementary School third-graders to their peers and families. “Let’s start and get up close and personal about the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly.”

Ring third-grade teachers Kim Austin, Beth Johnson, Kaylin Conti, Krista Boardman, Patrick Langworthy and Melissa Yost, discovered the musical that was all about life cycles on-line from Bad Wolf Press, which provides all kinds of musicals for science, language arts and social studies. The teachers purchased the songs and lyrics and adapted the script to fit their students’ needs. Each class took one or two songs to create dances and costumes to fit the lyrics.

The musical fit in well with the student’s curriculum. In ELA, they complete a unit on frogs, learning all about their life cycle as they read the book, “Bullfrog at Magnolia Circle.” Students also conducted a research unit on freaky frogs. Later in the year, students do a science unit where they raise painted lady butterflies and learn more about plant life cycles with materials provided by Wal-Mart. The students also learn more about habitats, along with animals’ adaptations for survival, and key vocabulary words. All of the songs in the musical helped students review the concepts learned during class and act out the vocabulary.

“It was a fantastic culminating unit that allowed the students a chance to review key concepts and vocabulary in a engaging and memorable way,” Mrs. Austin said. “We did this as an end of the year parent engagement activity. We created a video to show our parents that highlighted the importance of summer reading to avoid the ‘summer slide.’ In the video, we showcased the Prendergast Library summer reading program for all ages and encouraged parents to keep their children reading throughout the summer.”

posted on 06/12/2017 - filed under: Art, ELA, Elementary School, Science, Spotlight