Message from Sylvia Root, Interim Superintendent of Jamestown Public Schools

Since arriving in Jamestown Public Schools as Interim Superintendent, I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our community agencies and JPS staff for the outpouring of time and money donated to the children in our district.  I have had the opportunity to speak to some of the members of our Jamestown High School senior class. They are very aware of the community’s extremely hard work to help make their lives better and are so appreciative of their community’s support.

I have worked in many school districts during my years in education and I can say that this outpouring of concern and caring by the Jamestown community is remarkable. I have a short time left in my stay at Jamestown Public Schools and I just felt the need to say on behalf of our staff and students to our community – thank you.

One of the committees that I have been part of that I would like to share more information about is the Jamestown PROMISE Fund, which assists in funding projects and programs, not supported by tax dollars, by marshaling community resources to support our students, teachers and schools. One of the Jamestown PROMISE Fund’s goals is to build a community of successful and enthusiastic readers. I personally believe that success in school and life is based on knowing how to read. Around this goal, Jamestown PROMISE Fund has made it a priority by providing money to the summer LitCamps for our K-4 students. This year, JPS will be working with approximately 120 students from Ring and Love Elementary Schools for a period of six weeks to continue to support students in their progress of reading, in addition to providing a nurturing and secure environment for these students during the summer months.

My hope is to make you aware of the Jamestown PROMISE Fund and that the money raised by the Fund is making real contributions to our school community. 
Dr. Lillian Ney, who is the president of the PROMISE Fund Advisory Board, has worked tirelessly to obtain grants and donations to support our LitCamps. I would encourage you to support not only the Fund’s LitCamp campaign, but also the collective efforts of this fully volunteer Advisory Board. Members include: John Zabrodsky, Dr. John LaMancuso, Mike Goldman, Joe Pawelski, Julie Poppleton, Kim Pinciaro, Vicki Rishell, Tina Sandstrom, Pat Slagle and JHS student, Juan Rivera Vasquez who are working diligently to make Jamestown students’ lives better.

If you would like to know more about the Promise Fund please visit: HERE. All donations made to the Jamestown PROMISE Fund are tax-deductible.

posted on 06/20/2017 - filed under: Community, JPS PROMISE Fund, Spotlight