Jefferson Middle School 5th Graders Donate $1,000 to Mental Health

Jefferson Middle School fifth graders in Gina Hess’ class raised $1,000 for the Mental Health Association at The Gateway Center in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month at the end of the school year.

Students sold green lollipops and fidget spinners after school hours. In addition, students held a Walk-a-Thon at Strider Field to raise money. Students also created posters promoting Mental Health Awareness and provided wellness tips during the morning announcements.

“We are so touched by the effort and generosity that the Jefferson students have shown,” said Ken Yuerlings from the Mental Health Association at The Gateway Center.  “It is absolutely amazing. When Mrs. Hess said that the kids were going to support our organization I had no idea that students would give this kind of return. We are very appreciative of the donation and we promise that the money will go to good use.”

The students understand the importance of giving back to their community. “This effort created more tolerance in respect to the differences of others in and outside of our classroom community,” said Mrs. Hess. “I am so proud of these students’ efforts to end stigma and give back to a great community organization.”

“It was a great cause and I was very happy to support it,” said Jefferson fifth grader Jessah Courson. “It is important for us to do it because we need to recognize that every person in the world is a person and no one is any different from anyone else and if we can help someone who might need extra help we should do that.”

posted on 08/10/2017 - filed under: Community, Middle School, Spotlight, Students