Fletcher Kindergarteners Combine Art & Literacy to Connect the Dots

Fletcher Elementary School kindergarten students celebrated Arts in Education Week and International Dot Day (September 15th) with a unique art and literacy project based on the book, The Dot, by Peter Reynolds.

Fletcher art teacher, Darryl Mallanda, discovered International Dot Day, which is a celebration of creativity that occurs throughout the year all over the world inspired by the book, The Dot. The book’s message is that all people are unique, all people can create, and all people can “make their mark” and see where it takes them. Mr. Mallanda decided to use this book in his art classes because the message is perfect to get students acclimated back to school.

“Since this is a new beginning of the school year for them, and a new beginning for me coming from another district, I felt it was important for us to spend time getting to know each other,” said Mr. Mallanda. “This lesson gives me a great idea where students are in their skill level and I can build the art program from there. This lesson also allows me to see what students know about lines, shapes, and colors, and how they apply the directions given within their creative framework. I plan to infuse other literary titles that discuss how dots become lines and shapes and what to do when students make mistakes. I also infuse literary stories, fables and poems to help show the cultures of other areas of the world and how art and literacy go hand-in-hand to tell the story of the people of these areas.”

Kindergarteners learn many art skills during their school year. They focus on drawing since it is the foundation of all art forms. They also study color, form, pattern, and other elements and principles of art. Mr. Mallanda also introduces many famous artists and their work so students can begin to recognize different art forms, methods of creating work and the materials used. They also work in different art forms such as painting and sculpture.

For older students, Mr. Mallanda has adapted the lesson to include the work of famous artists who also create dots, such as Kandinski and Henry Person, in order to focus more on a style of art. However, he keeps the lesson open to individual creativity to gauge student’s art level. He also scaffolds this lesson into a future lesson that introduces these other methods and styles if he feels that students could benefit and to also connect one lesson to another.

“I am seeing a tremendous amount of potential in talent, ability and knowledge to build from at Fletcher Elementary School,” said Mr. Mallanda. “I am very encouraged by what I have assessed so far with the students and I am excited to see what we can create in future.”

posted on 09/20/2017 - filed under: Art, ELA, Elementary School, Spotlight, Staff, Students