JHS Students Discover Cartooning As an Art Elective

Jamestown High School students in David Mazzone’s Cartooning class recently worked on drawing five different cartoon “head poses.” Cartooning is an elective course at JHS and students must receive one credit of art in Introduction To Art/9th grade Drawing & Design for Production or Studio Art to take the Cartooning elective. This course is part of the Media Art courses in the JHS Art Department, which is an elective in the Academy of Communications, Performing & Visual Arts.

“The Cartooning course is unique to JHS as no other schools in the area offers it,” said Mr. Mazzone. “There are a lot of students who draw cartoons in their spare time and this class lets them improve in an area they love to draw.”

Students first learn Cartooning techniques and then use those techniques to complete different projects in the various styles of Cartooning (Caricatures, Comic Strips, Character Posters, Animation and more). Students are encouraged to develop and improve upon their personal cartooning style throughout the entire course.

“I took Cartooning because I have taken other art classes at JHS including AP Art and it’s extra credit for JCC,” said JHS senior Michael Quigley. “I want to go to college for art therapy & psychology to become an art therapist.”

posted on 09/27/2017 - filed under: Art, JHS, Spotlight, Students