Love School & First Presbyterian Church Develop Wonderful Connection

The excited chatter of Love Elementary School students and volunteers tutors from the First Presbyterian Church fill the air after school in the church’s community room.

“I received a phone call from Judy who runs the program last year and we set up a meeting,” said Love Elementary School teacher Pat Cunningham. “Her plan sounded great and I already had my After School Amigos program working with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school so we had a group of children that I thought would benefit from this new program. These were children and families that were very committed to being successful in school and in life. Having a group of community members so close and willing to tutor and build positives relationships with these children was something I couldn’t pass up. They look forward to both programs and really enjoy what they are doing. The tutors from First Presbyterian Church are wonderful people and are really making a difference with these 19 children from Love School.”

Judy Kullberg, from the First Presbyterian Church, started the program to help local children. The students and their tutors work on homework, read together, play games and just talk.

“We put together the one-on-one tutor situation as it is very important as they really develop very good friendships with their tutors,” said Mrs. Kullberg. “We try to keep the same pairs together every week. I wanted to do another program like I did in North Carolina and this one has worked out just as well. People are so cooperative; not only the church volunteers, but I also have tutors from almost every other church in town. It’s going very well and I’m so pleased. The volunteers are wonderful, the school has been wonderful and I think the kids are wonderful too.”

posted on 11/22/2017 - filed under: Academics, After School, Community, Elementary School, Spotlight