Project LINC Celebrates 25 Years at Lincoln School!

Lincoln Elementary School is proud to have Project LINC (Learning Is Never Complete), an afterschool program, serving their students for 25 years. The program runs every day from 3 to 5:30 p.m.  LINC is a NYS Office of Children & Families registered program that serves kindergarten through fourth grade students.  Jamestown Community Learning Council  (JCLC) runs Project LINC.

“The program was designed to provide the missing ‘linc’ for children between those vulnerable after school hours until parents conclude their workday,” said Rosary Kolivas, Executive Director of JCLC.  “LINC has the distinction of being Jamestown’s first, school-based after school program, which eliminated transportation hassles getting children to off-site childcare.”

LINC features a variety of daily activities such as the computer lab, arts and crafts, gym time, general recreation games and outdoor play. Special events and opportunities have included community service projects, talent shows, karate lessons, holiday celebrations and many festivities that parents are invited to attend. In addition, homework help and group tutoring are featured daily.

“I like coming to the after school program,” said Lincoln Elementary School fourth grade student Lucas Arnone. “It’s a good chance to see my friends that I don’t normally see and I can get my homework done here so I don’t have to stress about it at home. Everyone is really nice and there are a lot of different things to do. I like computer lab because I can do cool math games.”

Project LINC’s Director, Cheryl Stone, has been with the program for the entire 25 years. With years of experience as a home daycare provider and as a very involved Lincoln School PTA parent, Mrs. Stone was a natural fit for the position.

“Watching her in action over the years as she nurtures students, responds to families and my admiration of her relationships with her own staff and Lincoln colleagues are all constant reminders of one of the best staffing decisions I have ever made,” said Mrs. Kolivas.

In addition to Mrs. Stone, all of the LINC staff is adept at all aspects of operating a quality school-age childcare program.  Communication and rapport among the JCLC Project LINC staff and Lincoln Elementary School staff is paramount to an effective school-based childcare program as well as significant relationships with the parents who have entrusted their children in the care of the Project LINC program.

“My goal for the program is for parents to know that they children are safe and well taken care of during the after school hours,” said Mrs. Stone. “We have such a wonderful relationship with Lincoln principal, Mrs. Russo, and all the teachers and staff.  Together, we collaborate to make the children’s after school experience positive. I also see the parents every day so we are truly a ‘linc’ between the school day and after school. I try to treat every child as my own and every parent with respect. I would like to thank Rosary, Brenda Dominey who has worked at LINC as the assistant coordinator for 24 years, my husband, Mitch, and my sons, Scott & Matthew, for always being by my side and my biggest supporters.”

posted on 12/14/2017 - filed under: Academics, After School, Community, Elementary School, Spotlight, Staff